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Bookshelf speakers

If you are looking for bookshelf speakers, the Atomica Strato high-performance bookshelf speaker is the one you need. In this design that has led to the development of one of Atomica Audio’s flagship products, you can appreciate all the team’s efforts in recreating the sound event in the best possible way, using a small-format box.

Atomica Strato is the compact bookshelf speaker that combines design and innovation, which makes it ideal for those who want a product that is aesthetically pleasing and appealing, as well as efficient in terms of sound output.

The unique shape of the chassis and a specially designed filter circuit enable an extremely diffuse sound field: polar dispersion is maximised in both planes, contributing to the creation of an immersive soundstage. The precision of the polar response allows for off-centre listening positions both vertically and horizontally.

Bookshelf speakers

The chassis of the bookshelf speaker is characterised by excellent resistance to compression and decompression motions, providing qualities of linearity and full-bodiedness that are quite unusual for a reflex speaker of this size.

The stand, made entirely of aluminium alloy 6082, is self-levelling. It ensures excellent stability and parasitic vibration damping, which make it the most suitable speaker model for bookshelves or wall shelves.

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Overall dimensions

W20 D24,5 H31,5 (cm)


6 Kg

Colori disponibili

(qualsiasi altro colore disponibile a richiesta su scala RAL)


8 Ohm, 2 way bookshelf speaker, ubiquitous listening position, zero vibration chassis


Forks, banana plugs


5 inch coated paper cone, injection moulded basket
1 inch Acuflex dome tweeter with aluminium moving coil

Acoustic load


Max. input power


Frequency response

40 – 25000 Hz in standard environment

Efficiency and sensitivity

88 dB 1W/1m
86 dB 2.8V SPL

Minimum impedance

4,97 Ohm (8,2 Ohm at 1Khz)

Srato Stands

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Self-levelling pedestal for Atomica Strato. This type of support is designed to have an infrasonic resonance frequency: this eliminates the interaction between the speaker and the floor, ensuring consistently excellent performance.

W45 D41 H64,5 (cm)