Atomica Book 2

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Tower speakers

Atomica Book 2 is the high-performance pedestal or shelf speaker. This handcrafted audio device consists of a cabinet made of okumé, birch, and glass – materials that have been skilfully combined to provide compactness and unique sound qualities. The sides of the column speakers are made of tempered glass and serve more than just a design function. In addition to their great visual impact, they give the speakers a musical and accurate sound, suitable for even the most discerning ear. When properly implemented, materials of such different mass and flexibility combine to create a cabinet with excellent elastic and inertial properties, which enhances sound.

The special crossover filter features a 1st order design. The transition between the two drivers only takes place thanks to an oil-filled coil and capacitor, both of which are top-quality and air-wired according to Atomica tradition. Thanks to careful engineering, a perfect phase concordance over the entire relevant frequency range was made possible – an incredible result for a 6dB/oct filter. The shape of the tweeter housing is designed to achieve the right emission time and create diffuse acoustics, which allows perfect listening for several users at the same time.

The base of the AISI 304 steel column speaker allows for the installation of adjustable conical spikes or rubber grommets, or anchoring to the special pedestals. The result is a handcrafted, designer speaker made from high-quality materials.

Pedestal speakers

The Atomica Book 2 speaker is the ideal device for medium and small rooms. The side knob allows the user to mechanically adjust the patented Atomica Reflex duct: this allows the user to tune the box’s resonance frequency or even turn it into an air suspension, depending on the room placement or the listener’s taste.

Please contact one of our experts for more information or if you are interested in purchasing this column speaker completely handmade in Italy. You will be able to enrich your rooms with a high-quality product, designed for enthusiasts of good music and excellent sound. The combination of aesthetic design and sound performance of this product will leave you speechless.


Overall dimensions

W26,8 D28,6 H65,5 (cm)


17,5 kg

Colori disponibili

(qualsiasi altro colore disponibile a richiesta su scala RAL)


2 way passive 8 Ohm speaker,
it is possible to bi-wire or bi-amp


forks, banana plugs


5 inch woven polypropylene cone, injection moulded basket
1 inch Acuflex dome tweeter with aluminium moving coil

Acoustic load

Adjustable Q reflex or closed box (if Atomica Reflex is chosen)

Max. input power


Frequency response

35 – 25000 Hz in standard enviroment


88 dB 1W/1m

Minimum impedance

5.35 Ohm (6.39 Ohm at 1kHz)

Speaker Stands

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Highly stable pedestal in wood and AISI 304 steel. It is the ideal complement to the Book 2 speakers: it allows the inertial and energetic qualities of the speakers to be pushed to the highest level.

W37,5 D37,5 H41 (cm)