Atomica Book 2

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This hi-performance speaker can be placed either on a stand or on a shelf. Boxes are made from poplar wood, birch and glass. Side panels are made of tempered glass. Glass is good not only to the eye, but it gives musical and accurate sound to the speaker: we use materials characterized by very different mass and flexibility; this technique produces boxes with excellent elastic and inertial properties.

The base is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. It accepts adjustable spikes, rubber nubs or can be fixed to its stand.

It is perfect for medium and small environments. The side knob allows the user to mechanically adjust the Atomica Reflex (patented). Thanks to this special device, resonance frequency can be tuned or the speaker can be turned into an acoustic-sunspension design, depending on room positioning or listener’s tastes.


Overall dimensions

W26,8 D28,6 H65,5 (cm)


17,5 kg

Colori disponibili

(qualsiasi altro colore disponibile a richiesta su scala RAL)


2 way passive 8 Ohm speaker,
it is possible to bi-wire or bi-amp


forks, banana plugs


5 inch woven polypropylene cone, injection moulded basket
1 inch Acuflex dome tweeter with aluminium moving coil

Acoustic load

Adjustable Q reflex or closed box (if Atomica Reflex is chosen)

Max. input power


Frequency response

35 – 25000 Hz in standard enviroment


88 dB 1W/1m

Minimum impedance

5.35 Ohm (6.39 Ohm at 1kHz)

Speaker Stands

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Very high stability stands in wood and AISI 304 steel.

W37,5 D37,5 H41 (cm)