The best way to recreate a musical event in your listening room.

Perfect symmetry, excellent quality and sound accuracy.

Atomica develops and produces excellent audio devices. An unbelievable marriage of technology and Italian handicraft is what you can expect.


Materials are chosen based on quality, beauty and durability. Solid wood, stainless steel, aluminium, tempered glass and other materials. They are all manufactured, cut, turned, and milled in their raw state.


Every single part is manufactured in our own facilities, resulting in great sound reproduction. Every part is produced under the supervision of sound and manufacturing experts.


We have developed techniques and devices which can solve the main typical issues of sound reproduction. Some of these are patented.

The Atomica Reflex

This device has been patented by our company. It is equipped with a knob positioned on the left side of the speakers. Moving the knob clockwise a telescopic pipe reduces its length, increasing resonance frequency. Moving the knob counterclockwise will decrease resonant frequency. Total extension of pipe causes the pipe itself to close.

This solution allows the listener to obtain great results into his own listening room; adjustable low-range response is the best way to get a great sound, even with extreme speakers positioning like corner or wall positioning; varying resonant frequency or switching the speaker between vented and closed box are great opportunity to mitigate the effect of those particular room positioning.

At the same time, resonance frequency fine-tuning can be successfully used in any other placement, obtaining perfect response without the use of electronics or other artifices.