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Solid Wood Spherical Speaker


Giove is synonymous with the layers that create the perfect sinuosity of the sphere.  The solid ash wood sphere is CNC-cut, using a CAM milling programme that was specially developed by our technicians. This resulted in an incredibly rigid cabinet, whose shape prevents the formation of stationary energy and allows the driver to work at the highest possible efficiency.


The base and stem are made of AISI 304 steel: this type of support is designed to have an infrasonic resonance frequency; this eliminates the interaction between the speaker and the floor, ensuring consistently excellent performance. The height of the stem can be customised on request.


This speaker is suitable for elegant, pleasant, and relaxed sound in most settings.
Its coaxial driver and special crossover filter are able to faithfully recreate the sound event, with perfect frequency mixing. Voices and instruments materialise in the listening room, constantly engaging the listener.


Overall dimensions

Ø32 H113 (cm), other heights available on request


15,1 Kg

Colori disponibili

(qualsiasi altro colore disponibile a richiesta su scala RAL)


2 way 8 Ohm coaxial


forks, banana plugs


6.5 inch coaxial, broad dispersion, injection moulded basket

Acoustic load


Max. input power


Frequency response

35 – 25000 Hz in standard enviroment


88 dB 1W/1m

Minimum impedance

7.10 Ohm (7.34 Ohm at 1Khz)